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1. Staff

2. Initiatives



1. Staff

Manager - Europe Direct
Gabriella Santoro
        Via Roma n. 47 – 86100 Campobasso
        Tel. 0039 0874 401 379
        Fax 0039 0874 401 263

Staff Europe Direct Campobasso 
Carmela Basile
       tel. 0874 401263
       fax 0874 401335

Europe Direct Information Centre of Campobasso  is located at the first floor of Province of Campobasso building (Palazzo Magno) -  via  Roma no. 47 -



We are open to the public

Monday through Friday, from 9.00a.m. to 2.00 p.m. and from 3.00p.m. to 6.30 p.m. on   Monday and on  Wensday




2. Initiatives

Europe Direct Campobasso acts the following initiatives:


Europe Direct Campobasso - Office which act as an interface between EU and its citizens at local level. The mission of the Europe Direct Office Campobasso is to distribute information and advice about the European Union's policies, actively promote local and regional debate about the European Union, allow the European institutions to disseminate local and regional information and give the public the opportunity to send feedback to the European Union institutions. The Europe Direct Campobasso Staff answers to questions on any European Union policy, practical information on dozens of subjects (for example, how to get qualifications recognized or how to complain about unsafe products), contact details of relevant organizations, advice to help citizens overcome practical problems with exercising their rights in Europe. Services provided: 1. search of laws, regulations and publication on the European Union; 2. information activities and assistance to private organizations, associations, public institutions, schools, training centers, research or voluntary organizations, aimed at the proposition of European projects; 3. partner search, with the purpose of setting up and implementing European projects; 4. constant and direct assistance concerning the issues of EU laws, programmes and tenders, with respect to the possibility of support by the European Union; 5. diffusion of information brochures and free consultation of several magazines and periodicals published by the European Commission; 6. organization of meetings, seminars and exhibitions; 7. participation in fairs and expositions; 8. traveling facilities for study and work trips throughout the European Union; 9. set-up of various training courses related to the EU issues, depending from and in function of the user's needs.


Information Activities. Europe Direct Campobasso publicity and free diffusion of a fortnightly newsletter titled inf@direct which reports of news, tenders, partner search, and official documents drawn by the European Commission. The newsletter is also distributed by email through  the creation of appropriate e-mail-group. In the last 3 numbers of newsletter there are two articles about resolved cases of SOLVIT.
The newsletter is one of communication instrument utilized by Europe Direct Campobasso. The other instruments that are used for the spreading are: 1. newspapers and reviews; 2. newsletter and banns of texts; 3. television transmissions and radio station; 4. web on Internet; 5. e-mail group; 6. meeting and encounter; 6. formation course; 7. CD and floppy disk; 8. digital movies on web.
Europe Direct Campobasso Staff provides to update daily the web site “http://www.provincia.campobasso.it/europedirect/” to increase citizen’s knowledge of the building community process and of operation mechanisms of the European Union. The web site  has clear contents and the access to all right European information. The visits are from a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 1300 every month. On this website the ED staff upload news, publications and information about ours projects and events as well as complete an activity report. On the web is published also a monthly poll on European question.


• Collaboration with the “Provincia Notizie” magazine, issued by the Provincia di Campobasso, by publishing the monthly “Europe Direct section” column. The magazine is distributed free to all families in the region (60.000). Europe Direct has also organized several press conferences to present and introduce its projects and to promote the services in collaboration with President’s press office of Provincia di Campobasso. Most active also interact with the local media (TV, radio, all kinds of printed publications).


• Media & Communication project. Other information activities are: 1. the realization of meeting and/or seminaries and/or course on thematic of regional, national and communitarian interest; 2. the realization and successive publication of digital filmed on situated web with interviews to personages of the Union and the European Commission on programs and the offered opportunity; 3. the publication of the more important information on the local daily paper.
Europe Direct Campobasso is realizing a project to promote services and outputs through  following media: 1. a local radio managed by students of high schools to talk and spread European issues; 2. a local TV to advertising our Europe Direct centre and other European service.


• Organization and participation to the most important regional event. Europe Direct has participated to “Molise in Fiera” (25 – 29 October 2007) the most important business event of the region held over 5 days in Campobasso. The event attracts about 35.000 visitors over the 5 days with a wide range of enquiries. Many are small businesses seeking funding, some want to open a small business in another European country. There are usually a number of students from local establishments interested in gap years and European exchange programmes. This year, the Europe Direct Campobasso Staff promoted the own activities and services with the usual range of appropriate EU publications and promotional material (gadget - DVD). Europe Direct Campobasso has participated also to Bojano - Expò (18 - 23 August) 2007. Also this event has attracted about 1.500 visitors over the 5 days with a wide range of enquiries to raise awareness about the European Union and the opportunities it provides. All these event are an opportunity for members of the public to come and have a chat with staff and find out more information about anything European.
In order to promote the work of the European Union and of Europe Direct Campobasso, the Europe Direct team commissioned a DVD to be made of activity that takes place in local territory relating to European Activity or funded by European Funding. This DVD is played at Europe Direct events and serves to demonstrate some of the projects and of outputs of  Work of Europe Direct Staff that people are aware of, but are not aware that they are funded by the European Union. This has proved to be a very successful tool in raising opinion and debate about the effects of the European Union on the region.


• Institutional collaborations between Europe Direct - Province of Campobasso and other public entities. The Province of Campobasso has signed an arrangement with Province of Chieti (deliberative document No. 153, October 10 2006) aimed to establish cooperative relations with the Province of Chieti on EU policy. Another arrangement has signed in collaboration with City of Campobasso, Regional Union of Chambers of Commerce and the Territorial Pact for Employment Matese to plan and to management of start-up activities of the European Centre of Selva Piana. There is a strong collaboration with Arco Adriatic - Ionian Association (signed with Resolution No. 48/2 of June 7 2005) to activate forms of cooperation for European projects. There are other collaborations with following town: Macerata, Ascoli Piceno, Teramo, Pescara, Chieti, Foggia, Bari, Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto.


• Collaborations with local public and private organizations: 1. Regional Governments; 2. other Provinces/Municipalities/Communities/City Councils; 3. Prefectures;  4. Public Libraries; 5. Chambers of Commerce; 6. Associations; 7. University; 8. other Europe Direct centers.
For example, “L’Europa nel tuo Comune” project  is designed for 84 small municipalities in the province of Campobasso and wants to involve administrators and operators of institutions in a awareness, training, communication and cooperation on European issues. There is also the possibility to inform about European funding for small entities. The Europe Direct Campobasso staff has implemented the first phase of the project realizing a survey for municipalities to identify the presence of structures within the local authorities which are working or are interesting in European issues. The data and the results of this research were sent to all municipalities interested in the project. The second and third phase of the project, in a state of completion, consist of meetings and training days to talk about the topics of Community and to create a network of all municipalities on the territory. At the moment, Europe Direct Campobasso has create a virtual network of 26 provincial municipalities.


• Collaboration with EURES Network to collaborate on European labor market. Europe Direct Campobasso realizes activity to create a network with schools and students of higher institutes to offer young people a greater knowledge of European institutions and opportunities, and training offered by European labor market.


• Alternative Tourism project. Since the European Union presents itself to citizens as one space, without borders, where one can move along easily and freely without the bureaucratic difficulties of the past, this year Europe Direct Campobasso Staff have organized, in collaboration with XENA – Exchanges and intercultural Center of Padova, a project to offer many possibilities for young people to work, to study, and train in another European Union country. So, 5 young students had the possibility to obtain substantial funding to go to work in Spain, UK and Portugal.


• Collaboration with Eurodesk Network. Europe Direct Campobasso takes part of the European Network Eurodesk, specialized in European programs for youth. The project aims to introduce pupils to European Union topics, through a long-term interactive process, including training path for teachers and pupils, the final output of which is a cartoon about the integration process of the European Union.


• Relationship with the scholastic world. The process of European integration will only be able to continue if people living in Europe are conscious of what it means to be a European citizen. The European Union is counting on the new generations to continue this process. Every year Europe Direct Campobasso Staff organize project for elementary, middle and high school children take a tour of the European matter. In the 2007 the project “Alla ricerca di Cristoforo Colombo” taken place for all students of all schools of region. The creative works, realized by children, represents one of the best tools to explain European topic to pupils, in particular in this project as it involves a sort of peer education methodology, with images and dialogues created by other children. The project has been a truly formative model which provides youth both the instruments necessary for democratic participation as well as a method which makes the sharing of resources and ideas through new technologies even easier.
In the 2008 Europe Direct Campobasso Staff organized a project titled “Ti racconto l’Europa” in collaboration with Italian Blind Union to confront and talk about European issues of disability in the schools. During these experiences students also visit our structure and they have the opportunity to understand, often for the first time, the existence of the European Union what it means to be, in addition to an Italian citizen, a European citizen. During these projects Europe Direct Staff wants to offer to the schools the additional opportunities of a series of lessons about European issues. The beneficiaries were the primary and secondary schools involved in project activities, teachers, local school authorities and other authorities. The main outputs of these project are to involve as many pupils and teachers as possible in an interactive transnational process, focused on European Union and to provide project partners, local school authorities and other schools with a powerful didactic tool about integration process of European Union.


• Debating Competition. Europe Direct Campobasso is organizing a debate session on a local radio and television for groups of student on European issues. Teams of up to 8 students presented for 5-7 minutes on a topic related to the challenges and opportunities facing the European Union and its 27 Member States. All young students will take part in a special youth event on 9th May with students from across Europe.


• Participation to all event of EUROPE DIRECT network. During the first half of 2007 the main event in the European Union was the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome in March. The Europe Direct Campobasso helped to organize exhibitions, debates, contests and performances in its region and produced several publications on newsletter and on local press to highlight this event.