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Dear friends,


Our school is preparing a Comenius Project, Earth´s Friends. The topic will be related to the environmental problems that are threatening our planet and how to take action to face these problems in order to preserve the nature. The age of students that will take part on the project will be between 15-16 years.


We are looking for partners to join us on this project that will running through 2012-2014. Please, see the attachment with a brief description of our school and the project. Of course, we would be more than pleased to receive new ideas.


If you are interested in becoming a partner in this project, please answer back quickly as the deadline to submit the application will be February 21st, 2012, and we need to do further planning together in the coming weeks.


With best regards from Spain.



José Luis García Moreno


Tel: 968447535 / 968449100



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