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 Werkstatt Solidarität Dortmund gGmbH A is a recognized strap of the youth welfare which devotes itself to the help requirements of families, which is permanently strolling. These help requirements are developed and provided in form of flexible resource-oriented and individually oriented offers in the context of itinerant educational helps in the weekday. Life and professional orientation measures are in the foreground of this social educational work.

Besides these main fields of activity the support of unescorted juvenile refugees (in groups or individual support) are further fields of our work.

In cooperation with responsible authorities and institutions in the Ruhr district and particularly with the city of Dortmund we turn with our support offers to all children, teenagers, families and long-term relationships without difference of age, sex, religion or nationality.

In the context of our work we have made the experience that parents can promote her children with regard to her education better if:

- parents are informed about the existing education supply and the existing education possibilities,

- they are reminded for the importance of the education and the professional future at school for their children,

- they get learned how they can support her children.

Our experiences within our work arrange us to the acceptance that better educational opportunities are offered to children if parents are sensitised for the education of her children. On account of these observations we intend to develop within the [Grundtvig] partner network „Concepts and methods of an active parental work under the aspect of a possible educational consultation and educational planning – CoMeth".

With regard to the development of the draughts and methods of an active parental work the learning partnership should deal among other things with the following duties and questions:

- Which experiences have made other EU countries in this area?

- How can parents be sensitised for the education of her children?

- How must parents be cleared up?

- What must this clarification contain?

- What is a suitable form to be talked around with parents to reach parents and to compile something with parents?

- Do successful projects or any other bearer already exist in other countries, from which the participants can profit in the frame of the learning partnership?

- Are there any scientific studies exist in other countries from whose results the learning partners can pull knowledge?

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